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  • Formal and comprehensive literacy assessments
  • Informal and ongoing assessments


  • Individualized literacy programs
  • Instruction by highly qualified educators
  • Current and evidence-based strategies

Professional Development

  • Continuing education for teachers and therapists
  • Parent and caregiver training
  • Informational sessions

Our Team


BS Legal Management, Ateneo de Manila University Crosscultural, Language, and Academic Development Certificate, UC San Diego Extension
Reading Instruction Certificate (C) – UC San Diego Extension

Trained in:
Barton Reading and Spelling System
Handwriting Without Tears
Lindamood-Bell: LiPS, Seeing Stars, Visualizing and Verbalizing, On Cloud Nine Math
Making Math Real
Orton Gillingham, Basic and Advanced
Project Read

Special Education Teacher – 5 years (California)
Reading Clinician – 15 years


MA Reading Specialist
MA Elementary Education
Teachers College, Columbia University
AB Psychology, Ateneo de Manila University
Trained in Preventing Academic Failure (PAF) program
15 years, Reading Specialist


MA Education - Monash University
BS Psychology - Northwestern University
Associate Fellow, Licensed Educational Therapist (Singapore)
Trained in the Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS) Essential Literacy Approach
7 years, Learning Support Coordinator and Educational Therapist


Associate, Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators (AOGPE)
Diploma (C) Learning Disorders Management and Child Psychology, Singapore
AB Psychology- Ateneo de Manila University
3 years, Educational Therapist, MSL-Orton Gillingham, Singapore


MA (C) Language and Literacy Education - UP Open University
Diploma in Language and Literacy Education - UP Open University
BS Psychology - De La Salle University
MSL Centre Singapore - Orton-Gillingham Basic and Advanced English Course
Pre-school Teacher, 7 years
Reading Clinician, 5 years

Reading is a fundamental skill children must master to ensure future academic, social, and professional success. I am grateful for the opportunity to help children with learning differences achieve their goals!


BS Nursing - University of Sto. Tomas
Certificate in Special Education - UP Open University
LIteracy Ladder, Multisensory Approach training
SPED Teacher, 4 years
Reading Clinician, 2 years

Reading is important because it keeps our mind active, and it gives us endless knowledge and lessons in life.


MA Educational Management
De La Salle University
20 years in Education
MSL Centre Singapore, Orton-Gillingham Basic and Advanced English course
Reading Clinician, 2 years

Reading expands a child’s world. The look of wonder and spark of interest every time they read something new or interesting are priceless.


MA Special Education, University of the Philippines-Diliman, Research Grant Awardee

Certificate in Teaching Program, Philippine Normal University
BS Nutrition and Dietetics, Centro Escolar University

12 years SPED/Shadow Teacher, Behavior Coach, Medical Editor, Nutrition Counselor

"Reading good books is magical. Just like love and music, it keeps the heart forever young."


MA Education Units, Adventist University of the Philippines
BSBA Management Information System, AMA Computer College
Senior ESL Online Teacher

“Reading is fundamental in early childhood. It influences their future endeavors.”


Assumption College
Preschool Teacher

"Every book is a gate. If I'm able to help a child to read, then I’m an accomplished gatekeeper."


Computer Office Management - St. Vicenta Maria Religious of Mary Immaculate
Reading Administrative Assistant (3 years)

I like working in a center that helps children learn to read.


Asian Hospital and Medical Center
Rm. 107 Medical Office Building
Mobile No. (0929) 196 2464
Tel No. (02) 771-0585 | 771-0586
Clinic Schedule: By Appointment
Tuesday 9:00am - 5:00pm

St. Luke's Medical Center Global City
Rm. 1012 Medical Arts Building
Mobile No. (0939) 121 9989
Tel No. (02) 789-7700 local 7022
Clinic Schedule: By Appointment
Wednesday and Thursday: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Friday: 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Calamba Doctors Hospital
Room 311 Medical Arts Building
Tel No. (049) 545-0195 local 300

Asian Hospital and Medical Center
Rm. 719 Medical Office Building
Tel No. (02) 771-9250
Clinic Schedule: By Appointment

Neurodevelopmental Center
De La Salle University Medical Center
(6346) 481 8000 or (632) 988 3100 local 1372

Suite 506 Medical Offices Building
Asian Hospital and Medical Center
Tel No. 0925 7254312
Clinic Schedule: By Appointment

Pediatrics Unit, UP-PGH Faculty Medical Arts Building
(FMAB), PGH Compound, Taft Avenue, Manila
Tel No. 0925 7254312
Clinic Schedule: By Appointment

Room 216, Makati Medical Center
Tel. No. (02) 893.5134
Clinic Schedule: By Appointment
Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 12:00pm
Saturday, 9:00am to 5:00 pm

Child Neurosciences Center
Manila Doctors Hospital
UN Avenue, Manila
Tel No. (02) 558-0888 loc. 4526
Clinic Schedule: By Appointment

St. Victoria Hospital
JP Rizal St., Marikina City
Tel No. (02) 475-1552 loc 104/0922-8854521
Clinic Schedule: By Appointment

Manila Med Child Developmental Enrichment Center
U.N. Avenue cor. Taft Avenue, Ermita, Manila
Tel No. 523-8131 local 7795/7796/0917-6524453
Clinic Schedule: By Appointment


You may reach us at +632 556 5287 or +63 917 833 3210, or you may leave us a message using the form below:


Founder’s Desk: The priceless returns of reading aloud

Founder's Desk Letterhead Junly 2020
Dear Parents and Guardians,

Last May 22, the Reading Specialists was fortunate enough to forge a partnership with Homeschool Global Alabang to conduct a webinar about Reading Essentials: What Every Parent Must Know. During the Q & A, I was asked, “What would you advise parents to do to promote children’s literacy growth?” The answer is easy: Reading aloud. The cost is time and books—hardly anything considering its priceless returns.

Reading-aloud has limitless benefits. It has the potential to promote family bonding, and foster an interest and love for reading. Reading aloud enhances readiness skills such as print awareness (e.g. knowing that print carries meaning, is read from left to right and top to bottom), alphabet knowledge, and awareness for the sounds of the language—all of which have been found to be critical to early reading success. Reading aloud also increases children’s background knowledge necessary for comprehension. It exposes them to more sophisticated vocabulary, language structures (grammar), and figurative language that they normally would not encounter in daily conversation. To make the most of this experience, I highly recommend the following:

  • Cozy up with your child with a book on the sofa or the bedroom. Set the alarm and agree to DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) at this time. No ifs and buts.
  • Choose quality books that appeal to your child’s interests. Include fiction and non-fiction. Keep an open mind. Even comics and graphic novels are now fair game.
  • Read alternately with your child if he or she already can. While you provide a model for fluent reading, your offspring gets the opportunity to practice both reading and listening.
  • Pre-reading: Set a purpose for reading by having your child make a prediction based on the title, cover, and blurb. Explain vocabulary and concepts critical to understanding the story or selected passage.
  • During Reading: Continue to encourage your child to make predictions. Ask questions at the literal level. Include those that pertain to implied information to develop higher-order thinking. For example, “Why do you think that happened?” “Do you think the character made the right decision? Why? or Why not?”
  • After Reading: Depending on your child’s ability, have him or her retell the story, or summarize it in less than 15 words. Alternatively, have him or her identify the main ideas and supporting details if the book is non-fiction.

For all you bargain shoppers (from a bargain shopper herself!), reading-aloud is the steal of the century. No buyer’s remorse. You and your child only have everything to gain.

Journeying with you in life, literacy, and learning,
Founder's Desk Letterhead June 2020

Founder’s Desk: Taking care of ourselves in these uncertain times

Founder's Desk Letterhead June 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

It has been a few weeks since I wrote, and my heartfelt thanks to all of you for generously taking the time to respond. I was thrilled to see your names in my inbox! Even more delightful was to reconnect, and receive news about what is happening on your side of the world.

In the previous letter, I promised to share ideas to help you with your child’s literacy growth. However, like a driver who decides to take a detour in favor of a better route, I changed my mind to make this particular correspondence about YOU—the child care providers. By making yourself a priority and adopting a proactive stance with respect to self-care, you can function more optimally to look after your loved ones.

Being in quarantine provides a sense of security, because it reduces exposure to external hazards. For some, it allows the opportunity to spend more time with family. On the other hand, it can also be anxiety provoking. A prolonged shutdown has led to reduction or even loss of livelihoods, thus rendering many financially and emotionally vulnerable. Relationships are strained. Moreso in close quarters.

Given that we do not always have control over events and people around us, we need to self-advocate and be our own best friend. My hope is for us to be able to reliably fortify ourselves with matters spiritual, physical, mental, social, and emotional. You alone can determine what these self-care activities would be for yourselves. For me, it has been trying to be more intentional about praying, practicing yoga, eating clean, keeping a journal of things I am grateful for, meditating (thank you, Headspace!), cooking, playing the piano, caring for a pooch, reading for both learning and pleasure, and Zooming to catch up with family and friends. That literacy happens to be inextricably woven into these undertakings is testament to its understated yet empowering and life-giving nature.

Without much access to things and experiences other than the bare essentials, I invite you to join me in finding joy in life’s simplest pleasures. Ironically, it is in letting go and having less that we are enriched. Unfettered by life’s clutter, we gain clarity and reclaim our peace.

I look forward to chatting with you again. May you and your family continue to keep safe and healthy.

Your ally in life, learning, and literacy,
Founder's Desk Letterhead June 2020


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