Apol Lejano-Massebieau

My 8-year-old daughter was blocked. She had so much trouble reading that she started to hate going to school. Started to hate books. Stopped wanting me to read to her at night. She had developed an inferiority complex that made her not want to make friends with her classmates.
Being the alpha mom that I am, I thought I could help her all by myself. I read up on all kinds of reading strategies, and gave myself a year to get her reading. After 8 months I was SO stressed because our progress was minimal.
So last December I decided I needed help. I enrolled my child at The Reading Specialists. In one month she was reading CVC words. Haltingly, but she was reading. Now, four months after our first enrollment, her reading has gotten so much better. She is reading more complicated words, reading entire paragraphs of text on her own.
And this despite that my child was resistant to the program in the beginning and gave her reading interventionist a hard time. But The Reading Specialists persisted.
As an aside, I especially appreciated this persistence. We had tried another reading establishment and after one session, the woman assigned to us told us to go see a child psychiatrist to determine why my child was so resistant to a test to determine her reading skills. Uhmm, I wanted to say, she is resistant because she can’t read well, and this is terribly embarrassing for an eight-year-old!
More than being happy that my child is learning to decode words, I am over the moon that she has regained confidence. She is adjusting well at her new school, making friends. AND we are reading together at night again.
I highly recommend The Reading Specialists. Teacher Nat and Teacher Reena, you rock big time!